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    Our trading desk is managed by a 35 – year veteran of the municipal bond industry with vast experience in the distribution of State, authority, and local government bonds. Our desk maintains trading relationships with dozens of institutional and retail customers. As an active underwriter in the Northeast, NW commits its capital to purchase each and every transaction. NW sells bonds and notes directly as a manager or co-manager on negotiated transactions and we are a very active bidder on competitive bond transactions. We also buy and trade every day for our own account in the secondary market.

    The utilization of today’s high tech, internet based communications allows us to distribute bonds through electronic platforms and communications to a multitude of buyers thus avoiding the high overhead and distribution costs associated with operating satellite offices. This allows us to pass these savings back to the issuer in the form of lower interest rates or lower underwriting spreads.

    All securities transacted through our affiliate NW Capital Markets Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC