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  • The Public versus Private Toll Road Choice in the United States

    Posted on by admin

    “Realizing value from underutilized assets” – “New capital to solve the transportation funding crisis” – “Paying for the growth wedge” – “Ability to monetize future growth today” – “Realize value for money” – “Good public policy” – “Catching up with the rest of the world on P3 solutions”

    These are but a few of the slogans and buzz words that have been used to frame the issue of utilizing asset monetization through public private partnerships to fund transportation projects in the US. More recently public policy makers have started to weigh their options of public versus private solutions including both their relative economic values and the impact on government of ceding control of public infrastructure assets for multi-decade time horizons. Given the arguments presented for both cases, how should policy makers in the United States determine which structure –public or private – is in the best interests of the taxpayers and the toll payers whom they represent?

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