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    School districts benefit from a full range of public finance services by professionals with significant experience and expertise in this core area of our business.  These services include all facets of debt issuance, continuing disclosure, arbitrage calculations and assistance with investments for escrow and construction funds.
    NW Financial professionals have been at the forefront of providing financial advisory services to school districts throughout New Jersey.  Over the past ten years, our professionals have assisted over 100 New Jersey school districts with pre-referendum guidance, school facility and improvement financings, lease purchase financings, identifying refinancing opportunities, and other budgetary analysis.

    Referendum Services

    NW Financial also provides a full complement of sophisticated referendum planning tools unsurpassed in the industry.  NW will assist the school district, from the very beginning, through every step of the process.  Our professionals are involved with the initial analysis of financing alternatives, structures and strategies by developing comprehensive tax impact analyses and debt service cost projections.  NW will also produce brochures and informational packets for use at public hearings and will prepare news releases.  Our professionals will also attend public hearings to provide expert testimony and answer questions from residents.  Once the project moves to the financing stage, NW will once again be involved in every step of the process by structuring a marketable bond issue, preparing and reviewing disclosure documentation, verifying the accuracy and acceptability of bids, and providing the school district with a final amortization schedule.

    Refinancing Services

    As school districts face stringent budgetary conditions, identifying opportunities to realize savings from refinancing outstanding indebtedness becomes increasingly important.  NW’s professionals have aided numerous school districts in identifying, analyzing, monitoring and capturing refinancing opportunities.  Our analytical expertise in structuring refinancing transactions, monitoring market conditions and ensuring competitive pricing has helped school districts throughout New Jersey saves millions of dollars in debt service payments.

    Lease-Purchase Financings

    NW also assists school districts on lease purchase financings for capital equipment.  Services provided by NW include the preparation of bid solicitation documents, solicitation of the proposed lease to potential providers, review and analysis to determine the lowest cost bid, and assistance to local counsel regarding the preparation of the lease agreement and closing the lease transaction.

    Investment Strategies

    NW has licensed professionals that have the ability to provide clients with the evaluation of cash flow management and investment strategies. NW professionals have experience structuring bond proceed investment portfolios in order to determine the investment income that can be used to offset debt service payments in order to decrease the tax impact on taxpayers.

    Other Services

    NW also works with school district clients to provide insight into state funding formulas along with calculating and analyzing state aid.  Additionally, NW provides assistance in planning, developing and adopting school budgets along with reviewing business practices and procedures.  Analyses of the financial impact of regionalization and de-regionalization alternatives, and early retirement feasibility studies are additional services provided by NW.

    NW’s professionals pride themselves in their availability to our clients after the completion of transactions for on-going discussions and analyses, reviews of bond market developments and conditions, as well as educational opportunities.

    NW’s professionals have served their school district clients for many years and through numerous financings.  We believe that our availability to clients, depth of expertise and resources, and analytical capabilities puts us at the forefront of financial advisors.