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    NW financial has provided consulting services on a range of municipal redevelopment projects and financings. Projects include housing, commercial, and recreational facilities. As an independent financial advisor, we work exclusively for our government clients.  We assist with the modeling of the financial impact of the proposed project and will negotiate the terms and conditions of the redevelopment agreement, and any PILOT arrangement.
    We do not work on behalf of private developers.  Our advocacy on behalf of the public purpose enhances the client’s confidence and ability to negotiate for positive outcomes.  We assist in the undertaking of real estate/development financings for a myriad of assets for residential properties, hotels, nursing homes, water systems and solid waste plants for municipal clients and the federal government.

    Some particular areas of expertise include:

    Successful negotiation requires experience, quantitative skills and creative solutions;
    this is critical to ensure all parties in a transaction succeed.  It is our belief that the ability to assign specific values allows all transaction participants to make sound financial decisions in a negotiation.

    NW Financial has developed residential and commercial projects throughout the country, executing hundreds of millions of dollars in the restructuring of distressed commercial real estate transactions.

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