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  • Housing Authority of The County of Lycoming (Pennsylvania)

    NW Financial worked with several public housing authorities to plan for and implement strategies to deal with the dwindling availability of federal resources to provide and maintain public housing.  We completed an Initial Assessment for the Lycoming County Housing Authority in which we developed a paradigm through which the Authority could measure the current performance of its portfolio, structure cash flows to assure long-term viability, reduce reliance on HUD, continue service to low-income residents and maximize value from the assets, while recommending development of new unsubsidized projects pursuant to the Authority’s goals.  We developed a financial model which could: assess the financial viability of existing facilities; evaluate their capacity to operate in an environment of diminishing federal support; review the financial and ownership options available to the Authority now and at some future point in time; and assess the statutory and regulatory framework within which such options could be exercised.  Our major emphasis in undertaking the Initial Assessment was to develop a framework within which to analyze the existing portfolio as the first step toward advancing specific recommendations and future actions.