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  • Albany Housing Authority, City of Albany, New York HUD Capital Leveraging Financing

    NW Financial worked on the completion of the management assessment report for the Albany (New York) Housing Authority in conjunction with the Fannie Mae Modernization Program.  NW Financial professional’s worked with HUD representatives and the Albany Housing Authority to assess the Authority’s management organization and processes and provide a complete assessment to HUD.  The Authority was involved in a Capital Fund Financing initiative through Fannie Mae, which would finance the $6 million rehabilitation of a 179 unit family development.  NW Financial professionals worked extensively on a detailed analysis of the Authority including, but not limited to reviews of financial statements, the HUD 5-year plan, procurement policies, PHAS reports and physical needs assessments.  NW Financial professionals completed a site visit to Albany, New York to meet with the Executive Director, Director of Housing Finance Programs and other members of the Authority’s staff who were involved with coordinating the organization’s participation in the pool to gather detailed information and discuss the Authority’s goals.  NW Financial submitted a final assessment to HUD with a summary of the information and a final recommendation.